Vincenzo goldoni

At Vincenzo Goldoni we are dedicated to the tanning and marketing of leathers for mainstream application in the upholstering of sofas, armchairs and all types of furniture.

Quality leathers for upholstering

Subjected to resistance and light fastness in accordance with current regulations, all our leathers and products are painstakingly selected so as to offer our customers the highest quality on the market.

Design and innovation

Always at the cutting edge of fashion, we adapt our processes in order to obtain leathers with the characteristics and colours of demanded on the market.

Caring for the environment

Committed to the environment, our tanning processes are controlled in order to efficiently manage waste during each stage of the process, thereby reducing the impact of the waste generated.

Experience in the leather industry

Our experience in the industry has made us the trusted supplier for our ever-growing list of customers, who are always completely satisfied with our product, treatment and personalised service.

Sales advisory network

Tell us what you need and our team will provide you with the solution to your needs. Our sales network is able to advise the customer so that the leather product most suited to your needs can always be obtained.